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Oki Essay Contest in English 2019 (Junior High School)

Every year, an essay contest in English for local middle school and high school students is held in the Oki Islands. It began in the Dōzen Islands in 2015, and in 2019 it was held on all four islands for the first time, newly held as a human resource development initiative for the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark. The goal of the contest is not only to provide an opportunity for growth in English ability, but also to foster a deeper understanding of Oki’s culture, and to encourage young people to take ownership in their community and aim toward becoming global citizens.

The theme for the junior high school division of this year’s contest was “My Island Life: My Favorite….” 70 students from both Dōgo and the Dōzen Islands composed essays in English, focusing on their favorite things about their islands. The results and awardees were recently announced (see the link below).

Oki Essay Contest 2019 (JHS) List of Awardees

Pictured below is the compiled booklet of all the essay submissions.

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