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Nishinoshima Course

Impressive landscape formed by the Dozen Caldera and the Sea of Japan

In the center of the Dozen Caldera is the tallest mountain, Mt. Takuhi, a navigational landmark and spiritual place since ancient times. Along the coasts of Nishinoshima are massive sea-eroded cliffs that were carved by the rough waves of the Sea of Japan.

It will take about 3 hours 30 minutes

Beppu Port

This is the main port of Nishinoshima Island. Nearby here are historical remains related to the Emperor Gotoba who was exiled to the islands in the 14th century.

20 minutes by car followed by 15 minutes on foot

Mt. Takuhi and Takuhi Shrine

Takuhi Shrine

Mt. Takuhi is the remains of a volcano. It is the central pyroclastic cone of the Dozen Caldera and is located right in the middle of the Dozen Islands.

About mid-way up this mountain is Takuhi Shrine, which features the oldest shrine building in the Oki Islands, and is designated as Important Cultural Property of Japan. Since long ago, the deity of this shrine has been worshipped as the deity of maritime safety and the mountain itself has served the function of a landmark leading to the safe inner sea of the Dozen Caldera.

The forest on the mountain has unique plant life and is a protected environmental area.  

Attractions here!

  • A shrine built partially inside of a cliff.
  • Unique architectural design.

30 minutes by car followed by 10 minuites on foot

Tsutenkyo Arch

Tsutenkyo Arch

One of the best known scenic locations along the Kuniga Coast, the name of this sea arch does its natural beauty justice. It is called ‘Bridge to Heaven’.

Following the course down from the carpark, you will see other beautiful coastal-eroded landforms such as Kannon-iwa Rock, and Kaeru-iwa Rock. 

This site is also the end-point of the Kuniga Coast Walking Track that commences from the top of Matengai Cliff. 

Attractions here!

  • Dynamic eroded coastal scenery

10 minutes by car followed by 5 minutes on foot (to the lookout)

Matengai Cliff

Matengai Cliff

This 257m high cliff is one of the tallest sea cliffs in Japan. Unsurprisingly, this stunning landscape has appeared as the backdrop for a number of films. There is a 3.2km walking track that commences from here and takes you down to the beautiful rock formations of Tsutenkyo Arch and Tenjyo-kai. 

Attractions here!

  • Impressive eroded coastal scenery.
  • Free-roaming cattle on the cliff top.

30 minutes by car

Beppu Port