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Oki Dandelion

Oki Dandelion is one of the endemic species of the Oki Islands. Whilst the species is easily spotted around the islands, they are in decline due to the invasive common dandelion and smooth dandelion. Programs to remove invasive species of dandelion as well as research about the species’ distribution are being conducted.

Oki Dandelion

Common Dandelion

Oki Dandelion is a species of dandelion that pre-existed in Japan. You can differentiate it from the common dandelion by looking at the calyx (the green outermost part) of the flower. In general the calyx of the Oki dandelion does not curl backwards, whereas the common dandelion does. There are few smooth dandelions to be found in Oki, however they are easily distinguished because of their red colour.

Distribution of Oki Dandelion


  • Combination of plants normally distributed in different environments.
  • Nagoran (Sedirea japonica), Oki Rhododendron (Rhododendron japonoheptamerum Kitam. var. okiense), Rugosa rose (Rosa rugosa), Totei-ran (Veronica ornata), Mitsuba-iwagasa (Spiraea blumei var. obtusa), and Arrowwood (Viburnum carlesii).

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