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Landscape Formed by Landslides and Farming Land

Geography of Mt. Omine

Mt. Omine is located in the northern part of Dōgo Island. The mountain has an unusual appearance. It is flat on top and surrounded by many steep, horse-shoe shaped cliffs. These cliffs were formed by large-scale landslides, which occurred due to the nature of the different types of rock that form the mountain.

Below these steep cliffs, the land descends in a gentle slope.

Rice paddy at the foot of Mt. Omine

The reason this land is prone to landslides is because it is formed by different layers of rock; mud and volcanic ash which is impermeable to water, and lava which is permeable to water. The parts of the mountain which are permeable become easily dislodged, causing landslides.

This area around this mountain, formed as it were by landslides, has well-drained soil and a gently sloping landscape. Water collected in the rock layers provides suitable land for rice cultivation and other farming.

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