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Traditional Oki Architecture

Traditional Oki Architecture is unique to the Oki Islands. Shrine buildings and traditional residences both feature unique building designs. 

The traditional Oki-style shrine building appears to be a combination of styles of important shrines around Japan. The main entrance of the shrine is on the side, which is reminiscent of ‘Taisha-style’ (Izumo Taisha). The general shape of the building is short and squat lengthwise, and resembles the ‘Shinmei-style’ (Meiji Jingu Shrine). Finally, it features a pent-roof at the top of the stairs of the shrine, like the ‘Kasuga-style’ (Kasuga Shrine), although the pent-roof and the main roof are separate.

Traditional Residence built in the Oki style (Oki-ke Traditional Residence)

Traditional residences are characterized by three main entrances, which were used according to the rank and purpose of visitors. The arrangement of rooms has a key-shaped structure. 


  • Three main entrances (Traditional Residences).
  • Key-shaped room structure (Traditional Residences).
  • Unique combination of shrine building structures (Shrines)

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