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The Only Wide Plain in the Dozen Islands

View of Ama Town from Mt. Kinkoji

The Dozen Islands form a caldera landscape. This kind of landscape characteristically features little flat land that can be utilized for rice farming. However, there is one wide flat area in the northern part of Nakanoshima Island (Ama Town). This area is currently the only place in the Dozen Islands that is used for commercial rice production.

Lava flow which created the flat land in Nakanoshima Island.

This flat land stretches from the stunningly beautiful Akiya Coast toward the central cone of the Dozen Caldera, Mt. Takuhi (on Nishinoshima Island). This expanse was originally an inlet. However, 2.8 million years ago volcanic eruptions occurred at the entrance of the inlet, closing it off. Land accumulated and filled in the bay, creating the wide flat expanse that exists today. 


  • Wide plain formed by an eruption of Uzuka basalt.
  • The flat land with many natural springs creates picturesque rural scenery.

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