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School Education

Activities at School in the Oki Islands

Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark provides educational opportunities to elementary, junior high, and high school students to learn more about the geology, plant and animal species, history, and culture of the Oki Islands. These educational opportunities include hands-on field work and group presentations

Through these educational opportunities, we hope to foster love and pride for Oki in children and teens.

Elementary School Initiatives

In 2010, Elementary school students used the information they learned during geopark workshops to preform short skits about the Geopark to the local community.

The characters Oki gneiss, basalt, and rhyolite each made appearances on stage. The children were able to explain these rock types and other concepts not often touched upon in everyday life in simple, easy to understand terms.

Junior High Initiatives

Junior high schoolers were able to participate in geo-tours during periods of integrated study. After the tour, students made presentations about what they learned.

High School Initiatives

Through educational opportunities provided by the geopark, high schoolers develop a better understanding of science and society as well as rediscover the value and appeal of the Oki Islands.

Since 2012, the Shimane Prefectural Oki High School has been working towards increasing its appeal by focusing on geopark research and expanding international exchange. First and second year students participate in the Geopark Research class, which concludes with a final presentation of research topics.

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