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Ta strona: Strona główna Komitet Promocji Geoparku Organization Chart

Organization Chart

(Approval of Projects, Officers, and Statutes)

General Meeting

Administration, Municipal Councils, Leaders of Private Organizations


(Project Decisions)

Board of Directors

Mayor and Superintendent of Education from Each Municipality


Prefectural Governor




  • Shimane Prefectural Government, Oki Branch Office Director
  • Oki Education Office Director

(Project Planning)

Board of Governors

  • Directors of Divisions Related to Tourism and Natural Parks from Each Municipality
  • Directors of Related Divisions from Each Board of Education
  • Oki Islands Tourism Association


  • Oki Branch Prefectural Citizen’s Office Director
  • Prefectural Citizen’s Office, Tourism Promotion Division Director
  • Prefectural Citizen’s Office, Regional Promotion Division Director

(Project Drafting and Planning)

Geopark Office

  • Office Head
  • Planning Staff
  • Researchers
  • Foreign Language Specialists
Request, Coordination

Shimane Prefecture

Natural Environment Division

Request, Coordination


Board of Education, etc.

Request, Coordination


Shimane University, Researchers, Chugoku Geotechnical Consultants Association

(Project Proposal and Consideration)


Research Working Group

  • Research of Ecosystem, History, Culture, etc.
  • Conservation Activities
  • Maintenance of Museum Facilities, Signboards, etc.

Marketing Working Group

  • Information Distribution
  • Creation of Information and Media
  • Planning and Management of PR Events
  • Local Product Development and Commercialization

Human Resource Development Working Group

  • Training of Working Group Members
  • Cooperation with Social Education
  • Training of Guides
  • Facilitation of Guide Employment

School Education Working Group

  • Cooperation with School Education
  • Dōzen-Dōgo Student Networking Projects

Local Community

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