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UNESCO Global Geopark Revalidation Results

The results of the revalidation inspection conducted last summer for the renewal of UNESCO Global Geopark status were announced on January 31st 2018.


We’d like to thank everyone for their cooperation and support.


Recommendations for future initiatives were included along with the results of the inspection.

Official Revalidation Results and Recommendations.pdf


We will take the recommendations from UNESCO Global Geoparks into serious consideration, and endeavour to develop the Oki region through Geopark activities. We hope to continue to receive your support and understanding.


(A comment from the Chairman of the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark Promotion Committee on the results)

During the field inspection last July, I received the following remark from one of the inspectors.

Geoparks are not just about “geology”, people are also important. The guides on Oki are all unique in different ways, and through their explanations, I was able to thoroughly learn about the geohistory here.

The explanations from the Visitor Centre guides were especially excellent, and the easy-to-understand displays received high praise.

We once again proudly announce our status as a UNESCO Global Geopark, and continue to work to promote the Oki region.

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