Lifestyles and Traditions

Oki Islands have a unique culture rooted in the distant past. Even today, the islanders keep their traditions alive and pass them down through generations.

Exploring the Culture of the Oki Islands

Formed by volcanic activity around 6 million years ago, the Oki Islands have been inhabited since long ago, and people were mining and trading obsidian—material for arrowheads and other stone tools—as early as 30 thousand years ago.
While passing down old customs from generation to generation, the islands saw periods as a place of exile for emperors, then as a port of call for kitamaebune trading ships, all which helped to foster a diverse and rich culture.

In this section, you can explore the history and culture brought about by exchange with many people and cultures since the distant past, passed down in the Oki Islands until today.

The Making of Oki Islands Culture

Take a look into the building blocks of history and culture—obsidian, exile, and kitamaebune trading ships.

Wisdom of the Islanders

Learn how the Oki Islands landscape, such as the airport and terrace fields, reflect the wisdom of the islanders in their coexistence with the land.

Unique Culture and Traditions of the Oki Islands

See unique culture and traditions that have been lost elsewhere in Japan, but still remain today in the Oki Islands.