In the Oki Islands Geopark, we

Regional Education Activities

Geopark Field Work Sessions (Outdoor)

Field Tour at Akiya Coast (Ama Town)

In field work sessions, participants have the opportunity to go out into the geopark and experience firsthand the scenery and precious plants and animals of the Oki Islands, while learning how the power of nature shaped the land and its ecosystem.

Geopark Study Sessions (Indoor)

Geopark Lecture at a Local Library

Geopark study sessions are held to introduce a variety of geopark-related topics, including the geopark concept, activities and endeavors carried out in the Oki Islands region, and other topics according to the needs of the local community.

Lecturer Dispatch Program

As part of our endeavors to promote geopark activities within the region, the Oki Islands Geopark Management Bureau established a lecturer dispatch program. We send lecturers into the community upon request, based on the needs indicated on the request form. Lecturers handle a variety of topics including introducing the features of the Oki Islands Geopark, study of regional resources, understanding of geopark activities and endeavors, and more.
The lecturer dispatch request form can be accessed through the page linked below.

Environmental Conservation

Invasive Species Removal

Invasive Species Removal Activities

Endeavors Against Marine Debris

Coastal Cleanup Activities

Preserving the Natural Forests for the Next Generation

Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar (approx. 800 years old)

Guide Development

Certified Foreign Language Geopark Guide Training Course (2019)

Certified Geopark Guide System (est. 2015)