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The history and geology of the land that has changed shape through each time period, the rare plants and animals brought about by those changes, and the diverse local history and traditions are all precious treasures of the Oki Islands.
In Geoparks, places with wonderful scenery, rock formations, geology, and more are designated as "geopark sites." The Oki Islands has over 100 geopark sites. On this page, you can explore the geopark sites and treasures and discover the story of the Oki Islands.

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  • Quaternary, alluvial stratum
  • Neogene, basalt
  • Neogene, quartz syenite
  • Quaternary, basalt
  • Neogene, rhyolite and trachyte
  • Paleogene, granite
  • Neogene, trachyte
  • Neogene, sedimentary rock
  • Permian to Triassic, gneiss