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Regional Revitalization

Local Business Activities

The people who work in tourism, transportation, commerce, and other local industry drive the economy of Oki. We hope that through reaching out to these people we can gain more support for the geopark.

Package/Product Support Programs and Geopark Certified Products

Since 2017, we have provided support programs for the development of packaging and designs that convey the story of the Oki Islands Geopark. We also certify certain products that use local materials as Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark Certified Products. In doing so, we aim to increase the recognition and value of the Oki Islands’ characteristic products, as well as facilitate the revitalization of the local economy and cultural activities through promotion of product sales, encouragement of manufacturers’ ambition, increased satisfaction of visiting travelers, and tourism promotion. At the same time, we hope to foster a greater multifaceted understanding of the Oki Islands Geopark by finding connections between the geopark and its products and foods.

Number of Products (as of February 2020)
• Package and Design Support Program: 8
• Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark Certified Product: 1
• Product Development Support Program: 2 (complete)

Shellfish Products from Makino Suisan (First Certified Product)
Paper Bags at Ando Honten Souvenir Shop (Made with a Packaging Subsidy)


Geopark Partners and Supporters

Since 2016, we have been recruiting Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark Partners and Supporters. We hold Supporter Workshops on all four of the Oki Islands, in order for our partners and supporters to be able to introduce and explain the geopark in a simple way to customers at souvenir shops, accommodation facilities, buses and taxis, and other locations, as well as to friends and relatives who visit the Oki Islands.

Number of Certifications (as of March 2019)
• Individual Supporters: 90
• Partner Shops/Organizations: 12

Certified Geopark Partner Sticker

Initiatives for Commercial Business Organizations

The geopark organized a presentation of the geopark for tourism industry officials in order to further develop tourism market visibility and souvenir goods.
(held by in June, 2012)

Workshops for Businesses

The geopark has held various workshops aimed at personnel of tourism facilities, bus and taxi drivers who guide tourists around the islands, and establishments that have a high level of contact with local residents, such as barbershops and salons.

Workshop for Taxi and Bus Drivers (March 2012)
Workshop for Barbershops and Salons (July 2012)


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