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Name & Position Self Introduction Favourite Geosite
Kazuhiro Nobe
I am originally from Dōgo Island.
However, having left Oki at High School I grew up without much knowledge of my home. Today, I work to help raise future generations who love and are proud of the Oki Islands, and want to share this with others.
Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar and Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls (Dōgo Island).
Kazuhiro Suzuki
Vice Director
I am on assignment here from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Since I first entered what was then the Ministry of Transport, I have been working in transportation and tourism administration. Surface of the Tsushima Warm Current
Hidenari Kobayashi
Office Staff
I am originally from Ishikawa Prefecture . I hope to become a staff member that can both learn from and give back to the Oki Islands. Yao-sugi Japanese Cedar (Dōgo Island), Matengai Cliff (Nishinoshima Island)
Tatsuki Osada
Office Staff
I am originally from Okinoshima Town. I want to work hard everyday so that more people from Oki and other regions can get to know about the wonder of the Oki Islands. Shirashima Coast, Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls, Rōsoku-jima (Candle Rock) (Dōgo Island)
Hiroki Maruta
Planning Staff
I am originally from Chiba Prefecture and studied geography in university. I found geoparks through my hobby of traveling, which led me eventually to the Oki Islands. When you come visit, please stop by the Oki Islands Geopark Museum and I can guide you through the exhibitions. Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar (Dōgo Island), Dōzen Caldera seen from Mt. Akahage (Chiburijima Island)
Sawako Ishihara
Office Staff
I am originally from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. After working in Singapore for 5 years, I reached the Oki Islands. Travel Marketing Strategist. I would like to produce a once-in-a-lifetime experience for travellers from all over the world! Dōzen Caldera, Saburō-iwa Rocks (Nakanoshima Island), Matengai Cliff (Nishinoshima Island)
Tsukasa Miyagi
Office Staff
I am originally from Tokyo. Over the past 6 years, I visited the Oki Islands several times, and before I knew it I was living here. I want to convey to everyone - both inside and outside the islands - the emotions of my first visit, as well as the wonderful things I've discovered while living here. Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar (Dōgo Island), Matengai Cliff (Nishinoshima Island)
Shina Ikeuchi
Office Staff
I came here from Kōchi Prefecture in spring 2021. I want to experience the many charms the Oki Islands have to offer and convey them to the world. I want to explore and find my favorites!
Yume Miki
Office Staff
I am originally from the Oki Islands, but I am still learning about my hometown. I realized the scenery I had been casually looking at actually has international importance! I want to help bring experiences like this to others as well. Kuniga Coast (Nishinoshima Island), Sekiheki (Red Cliff) (Chiburijima Island), Oki Shrine (Nakanoshima Island), Yoroi-iwa (Armor Rock), Shiohama Beach (Dōgo Island)
Ryosuke Ikenaga
Researcher (Geology)
I am originally from Kyoto Prefecture, and my specialty is in geology. In the Oki Islands, I am always excited to find unusual rocks lying by the roadside, as if they are ordinary. Come visit the Oki Islands Geopark Museum and I can guide you through the exhibitions! Sekiheki (Red Cliff) (Chiburijima Island), Tsūtenkyō Arch (Nishinoshima Island), Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls (Dōgo Island)
Kanna Tachibana
Researcher (Biology)
I am originally from Kanagawa Prefecture. I started working at the geopark this spring. My specialty is in forest vegetation, and I want to help explain why the unique ecosystem of the Oki Islands formed the way it did. I hope to share the charm of the Oki Islands with many people! Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar, Byōbu-iwa (Folding Screen Rock) (Dōgo Island)
Jagoda Woloszyn
Coordinator of International Relations
I started to work at the geopark in 2016. I am interested in history and culture, and would like to learn more about the unique festivals, geology, and culture that you can see in the Oki Islands. Nagu-saki Cape (Dōgo Island), Onimai Lookout (Nishinoshima Island), Shimazushima Island (Chiburijima Island)
Katrina Killinger
Coordinator of International Relations
I came to the Oki Islands from the United States in 2019, and was captivated by their beauty since day one. I look forward to interacting more with the local people and learning as much as I can about both the land and the people who call it home. Fukuura Tunnels, Jōdogaura Coast, Rhyolite of Oku-tsudo Coast (Dōgo Island), Sekiheki (Red Cliff) (Chiburijima Island)

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