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Additional Information

In order to kick-start research relating to the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark, we have categorized and arranged research material on this page. Also listed are laws and regulations relating to the environment of the Oki Islands.

* The materials are either 1. Title Only, 2. Downloadable Data (PDF), 3. Posted Online

* These materials are posted with permission from the authors.

* Click the headings to arrange them by category.

No. Title Source, Publication Writer
001 隠岐の文化財 第26号 隠岐の島町教育委員会
002 隠岐の文化財 第27号-1 隠岐の島町教育委員会
003 隠岐の文化財 第27号-2 隠岐の島町教育委員会

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