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Ta strona: Strona główna Działalność lokalna Workplace Initiatives

Workplace Initiatives

Local Business Activities

The people who work in tourism, transportation, commerce, and other local industry drive the economy of Oki. We hope that through reaching out to these people we can gain more support for the geopark.

The Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark conducts courses with the goal of reaching out to and forming connections with tourism organizations and transportation services, as well as with commercial business organizations and local shops.

Initiatives for Commercial Business Organizations

The geopark organized a presentation of the geopark for tourism industry officials in order to further develop tourism market visibility and souvenir goods.
(held by in June, 2012)

Workshops for Taxi and Bus Drivers

The geopark offered a workshop for taxi and bus drivers involved in local tourism.
(held by the in March, 2012)

Salon Workshop

The geopark offered a workshop for establishments deeply connected to the local community such as barbershops and salons.
(held by the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark Promotion Committee in July, 2012)

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