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Imię i stanowisko O pracownikach Ulubione geostanowisko
Kazuhiro Nobe
Office Head
I am originally from Dōgo Island.
However, having left Oki at High School I grew up without much knowledge of my home. Today, I work to help raise future generations who love and are proud of the Oki Islands, and want to share this with others.
Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar and Candle Rock (Dōgo Island).
Nobuo Matoji
Planning Staff
I was born and raised in Dōgo Island. Prior to joining the geopark team, I worked for the Okinoshima Town Tourism Association. While I am not an expert, I treasure the nature of the Oki Islands. Please visit the Oki Islands! Rosoku-jima (Candle Rock), Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar (Dōgo Island)
Genki Sawano
Planning Staff
I came from Nishinoshima Island to work in the geopark office last year. I enjoy baseball and am a Hiroshima Carp fan. I don't have a lot of experience or knowledge about the geopark yet, but true to my name (which means "energetic") I hope to pursue a variety of things here in the geopark.
Tsutenkyo Arch on the Kuniga Coast (Nishinoshima Island), Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls (Dōgo Island)
Tatsuki Osada
Planning Staff
I started working at the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark Promotion Committee this year. I am originally from Okinoshima town, and I want to work hard everyday so that more people can get to know about the wonder of the Oki Islands. Shirashima Coast, Dangyō-no-taki Waterfall, Rosoku-jima (Candle Rock)
Hiroki Maruta
Planning Staff
I came to the Geopark from the Okinoshima Tourism Association as a member of the Community-Reactivating Cooperator Squad. I am from Chiba Prefecture and studied geography in university. I still a lot I don't know, so I want to focus on learning more about Oki and promoting geoparks. I haven't travled around all the islands yet, but I would like to visit Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar (Okinoshima Town), Onimai Lookout (Nishinoshima Town), and Sekiheki Cliff (Chiburijima Island),
Masanori Hirata
I am a hardcore fossil fan with a Masters Degree in Geology (Paleontology). I am the science expert in the office. In my work creating explanations, images and maps for the geopark, I am always striving to find the middle ground between scientific accuracy and explanations that everyone can comprehend. "Evidence based solely on hearsay is insufficient". Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar (Dōgo Island).
This place is like an amalgamation of geology, geography, landscape, geological history, ecosystem, and culture of the Oki Islands.
It feels as though you might see tree spirits here.
Miya Okada
I am originally from Miyagi Prefecture but moved to Oki three years ago. My speciality is grassland bionomics.
Having finally acquired a vehicle, I think I can now say that I have explored many of even the most secluded sights of the islands.
Sekiheki (Red Cliff) and Mt. Akahage (Chiburijima Island), and Nagu-misaki Cape (Dōgo Island), as well as the open pastures of cows and horses.
Jagoda Woloszyn
Coordinator of International Relations
I am from Poland, and this is my second year in Oki. I am interested in history and culture, and would like to learn more about the unique fesitvals, geology, and culture that you can see in the Oki Islands. Noritabana Coast (Dōgo Island), Onimai Lookout (Nishinoshima), Yui Pond, Shimazushima Island (Chiburijima Island)
Caite Alexander
Coordinator of International Relations
I am an American who started working at the geopark last year. I am looking forward to exploring and learning more about the unique culture, history, and nature Oki has to offer during my time here. Shirashima Coast, Sekiheki (Red Cliff)

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Imię i stanowisko O pracownikach Ulubione geostanowisko
Teresa Sadkowsky
Coordinator of International Relations
Returned to home country of Australia Shiro Feeder Dike (Dōgo Island), Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar (Dōgo Island), Sekiheki Cliff (Chiburijima Island). These are places that you can really feel the power of the Earth and nature.
Yukari Yonekura
Planning Staff
Left November 2017. The coastline around Nagu-misaki Cape in Dōgo Island. Beautiful forests and rivers nurtured by the pure water of the islands are commonly found right beside the villages here.
Masahiko Shiki
Planning Staff
Returned to former workplace on Chiburijima Island
Usuge/Shimazushima Island Bay and the biannual festival at Ikku Shrine in Chiburijima.

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