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Kuniga Coast

One of the most celebrated landscapes in the Oki Islands, Kuniga Coast stretches from north to west along Nishinoshima Island. This incredible coastal scenery was carved by powerful waves in the north west of the Oki Islands which are created by the strong northwesterly winds from the continent. It’s not only a stunning landscape; on the Kuniga Coast you can observe how the elements have eroded the land, and see cross-sections of the land that formed the islands.

Kuniga Coast is a text-book example of coastal erosion. All manners of coastal eroded landforms can be seen here: sheer cliffs eroded by waves (sea-eroded cliff), caves formed by the erosion of softer parts of the rock (sea caves), sea arches formed by land collapsing around sea caves, isolated sea stacks formed by the collapse of the roofs of sea arches, and flat wave cut benches which formed when the top of the land eroded away.

Some of these structures include Matengai Cliff, Akekure-no-iwaya Sea Caves, Tsutenkyo Arch, Tenjokai, Kannon-iwa stacks, and Oogami-no-tateiwa rock.

Matengai Cliff Information Board
(Nishinoshima Island)
Tsutenkyo Arch Information Board
(Nishinoshima Island)
Tenjokai Stacks Information Board
(Nishinoshima Island)
Tenjokai Stacks

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