Ruddy Kingfisher

In the mountains of the Oki Islands, the unique chirping of the ruddy kingfisher can often be heard. It is a summer bird in Japan, and builds its nests by digging holes in the hollows of large trees or steep, vertical dirt banks. In rare cases, an old nest of the Japanese yellow hornet (Vespa simillima) can also be used. The bird is about 27 cm in size. In Japan, it is also known as the “bird of fire,” as it is bright reddish-brown in color with a bright red bill, and a small blue rump patch. It feeds on fish, frogs, and freshwater crabs that live near water in the forest.

  • Scientific Name

    Halcyon coromanda

  • Classification

    Family Alcedinidae

  • Migratory Classification

    Summer bird