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Hong Kong Geopark School Visits the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark

As part of an ongoing exchange with the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, from March 26th through 29th, the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark welcomed 29 students and 3 teachers from Hong Kong’s Law Ting Pong Secondary School.

Picture 1: Welcome at the Oki Global Geopark Airport

During their visit, students learned about the geohistory, ecosystem, and culture of Oki through visiting geosites on the Dōgo and Nishinoshima islands and experiencing local traditions.

On Nishinoshima Island, students viewed sea-eroded terrain as they trekked down the Kuniga Coast. They also visited local shrines and participated in a shell craft with local residents.

Picture 2: Kuniga Coast Hiking Trail

On Dōgo Island, students were able to examine Oki gneiss, basaltic columnar joints, rhyolite, and green tuff up close while touring the island’s geological sites. The Tsudo Momote Festival, which takes place at Hanaike Shrine in the Tsuma Area every year on March 28th happened to line up with the visit, and some students had the chance to participate in the festival procession. On their last night in Oki, students also viewed Renge-e-mai dance and Oki Taiko performances at the Oki Kokubun-ji Temple.

Picture 3: Examining rhyolite at Okutsudo Nature Trail

Picture 4: Participation in the festival procession during Tsudo Momote Festival

We hope that the students left Oki with greater interest in science, geoparks, and other cultures, and thank all those who worked to plan and organize this visit and look forward to welcoming Hong Kong students to the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark again in the future.


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