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This Page: Home Geopark Promotion Committee Organizations


Public Institution

  • Shimane Prefecture Oki Branch Office
  • Shimane Education Office
  • Okinoshima Town
  • Nishinoshima Town
  • Ama Town
  • Chibu Village


  • Shimane Prefecture Assembly
  • Okinoshima Town Assembly
  • Nishinoshima Town Assembly
  • Ama Town Assembly
  • Chibu Village Assembly

Economic Organization

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Okinoshima Town
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nishinoshima Town
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Okino-Kuni
  • Japan Agricultiral Cooperative association in OKI
  • The Okinoshima Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Financial Institution

  • The San-In Godo Bank Oki Branch
  • The Bank of Shimane Oki Branch


  • Oki Ichibata Transportation Co.,Ltd.
  • Oki Steamship Co.,Ltd.
  • Shimane Passenger Cars Association Oki Branch


  • Oki Tourism Association
  • Okinoshima Town Tourism Association
  • Nishinoshima Town Tourism Association
  • Ama Town Tourism Association
  • Chibu Village Tourism Association
  • Ichibata Travel Service Co.,Ltd. Oki Branch

Educational Institution

  • Shimane Prefectural Oki High School
  • Shimane Prefectural Oki Marine High School
  • Shimane Prefectural Oki Dōzen High School
  • Shimane Prefectural School for Physically and Mentally Handicapped Children of Oki
  • Association of Principals at Elementaly School & Junior High School of Oki

Other Institutions

  • Association of Hotel & Inn of Oki
  • Oki Sake Brewing Industry Co.,Ltd.
  • Oki Youth Association
  • Kazemachi Kaidou Club
  • Oki Nature Club
  • Dōgo Storytellers Group
  • Association of Travel Agencies in Oki


  • Shimane University faculty of science and technology department of earth resource and environment
  • Association of Geological Investigation of Chugoku Area Shimane Branch
  • Shimane Geological Meeting department of forest science
  • Kyoto Prefectural University
  • General Laboratory of Forest Reserch
  • Kansei Gakuin University
  • Tokyo University Misaki marine biological laboratory
  • Nagasaki Prefectural University
  • Hiroshima University

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Aeon Co.,Ltd.
  • Google
  • mont-bell Co.,Ltd

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