Oki Traditional Sumo

Oki Traditional Sumo was traditionally held once every 20 years when the roof of Mizuwakasu Shrine is replaced. Nowadays, in order to pass on the tradition, it is also held when public works projects are completed. This unique tradition of the Oki Islands has several characteristics, such as: ōzeki is the highest rank of the wrestlers; wrestlers of the higher ranks are presented with the pillars of the sumo ring as a prize; spectators also participate in the salt tossing; and a three-tiered sumo ring is used at the tournament.
Another characteristic worthy of a special mention is that the sumo wrestlers will face their opponent twice, and the winner of the first bout must let his opponent win in the second bout. All wrestlers go home with one win and one loss. The three top division roles of ōzeki, sekiwake, and komusubi are not assigned to individuals, but to areas; this means that uneven wins and losses will cause a grudge between the areas. This custom was created for local areas to support each other, which is why it is also called ninjō sumo, or compassionate sumo.