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Okutsudo Coast

Okutsudo Coast is located to the north-west of Dōgo Island. Along the walking course you can observe the mysterious distribution of plants commonly found in the Oki Islands. Here you can see northern species painted maple (Acer mono), Japanese linden (Tilia japonica), false daphne (Daphniphyllum macropodum), the southern species Japanese pittosporum (Pittosporum tobira), as well as sub-alpine species O-iwa-kagami (Schizocodon soldanelloides var. magnus) and continental species like Daruma-giku chrysanthemum and Mitsuba-iwagasa (Spiraea blumei var. obtusa).

The reason for this unusual combination of plant species is not fully understood. However, the places where these unusual combinations are seen around Oki are also commonly where the geology is composed of alkali rhyolite. This indicates that there may be a relationship between the plant distribution and geology.

Mitsuba-iwagasa (Spiraea blumei var. obtusa), Continental Species
Japanese pittosporum (Pittosporum tobira), Southern Species
Okutsudo Coast Vegetation Information Board (Dōgo Island)

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