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Marine Life

A wondrous ecosystem is to be found in the sea as well!

You can see Oki’s mysterious ecosystem not only on the land, but in the surrounding sea as well. For example, you can find seaweed inhabiting the sea floor around Oki (a species of green algae that is the only seaweed to be selected as a natural treasure) that is normally distributed in the Red Sea, which is nearly 10,000 kilometers away.

Also found here are the luna lionfish and Alveopora coral, both of which live in Japan’s tropical ocean areas, and a type of starfish over one meter long which is thought to be a new species. These are just a few examples of the marine life representative of the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark.

Kuroki-zuta seaweed
Nihon-awa sango Alveopora coral
Luna lionfish

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