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Endemic Species

Unique creatures of Oki

Having been connected to the mainland at various times throughout history, the Oki Islands finally became outlying islands again 10,000 years ago. Even though this is far more recent than that of other outlying islands in the Sea of Japan, such as Sado and Tsushima, the young Oki Islands are inhabited by endemic species that make it possible for you to observe the process of evolution.

From an evolutionary standpoint, 10,000 years is considered to be a short time span. Let us introduce some of the life forms that are only found in Oki, and show you the evolutionary changes that they went through in order to survive.

* Here we will introduce some “basic knowledge” regarding the formation of the islands and the birth of these unique species.

Oki Rabbit
Oki Chrysanthemum
Oki Rana tagoi

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