Hong Kong Grouper

The Hong Kong grouper is found in shallow coastal rocky reefs. The fish is around 45 cm in length, and its dorsal fin contains 11 spines. Its head and body have a brownish-red color and are covered in bright yellow dots. In the Kanto region, it is called kijihata (meaning "pheasant grouper") because it has a pattern that resembles a pheasant. The fish is known as akamizu in Shimane Prefecture, and is often caught by fishing or gillnetting.
The flesh of the fish is easy to eat, with a mild flavor characterized by its lightness and umami. It is suitable for various dishes such as sashimi, salt-grilled fish, and stew, and is also known as a species of high commercial value.

  • Scientific Name

    Epinephelus akaara

  • Classification

    Family Serranidae

  • Distribution

    Throughout Japan south of Aomori Prefecture, Southern Korean Peninsula, East China Sea

  • Season

    Summer–Early Autumn