Japanese Wood Pigeon

The Japanese wood pigeon mainly inhabits forests formed by broadleaf evergreen trees such as Japanese bay trees. It is a large pigeon about 40 cm in size, and has black plumage like crows. The bird breeds on islands south of central Honshu Island, along the coast of the southern South Korean Peninsula, on Jeju Island, Ulleungdo Island and other islands. Recent findings suggest that the Japanese wood pigeon inhabiting Ulleungdo Island spend their winter in Oki. The cries of the pigeon can often be heard in the woods and forests in the Oki Islands. The bird eats fruits and seeds of the Japanese bay tree, chinquapin, camellia, etc. The species build saucer-shaped nests on branches of a tree by collecting twigs and withered branches, but sometimes on the ground on uninhabited islands.

  • Scientific Name

    Columba janthina

  • Classification

    Family Columbidae

  • Migratory Classification

    Resident bird in most places (nonmigratory)
    *Seasonal migration displayed on some islands