Buccinum Striatissimum (Shirobai)

This whelk inhabits sand and mud areas at depths of 180 – 550m in Japan, and is widely distributed off the coast of Shimane Prefecture. The shell is about 10 cm in size. They are caught year-round in the waters near the Oki Islands, and from June to August in the waters off the coast of Shimane Prefecture (Honshu Island) by “bai-kago” fishing (a fishing method using nets, set at the seabed, attached together using ropes and baited with mackerel and sardines). This whelk is known as “shirobai” in the Oki Islands, and is consumed in various styles such as sashimi, stew and deep fried. The whelk is crunchy with a sweet, delicate flavour.

  • Scientific Name

    Buccinum striatissimum

  • Distribution

    Central Sea of Japan

  • Season

    Year Round