Chestnut Tiger Butterfly

The chestnut tiger is a large, beautiful butterfly distributed across East Asia. It can be seen in various regions throughout Japan, but its wintering locations are limited to warmer regions. Marking surveys begun around 1980 have revealed that the chestnut tiger migrates on a large scale; to date, migration between Taiwan and Japan's Honshu and Kyushu islands has been confirmed, and it is known to travel distances over 2,000 km.
In the Oki Islands, adults can be seen fluttering in forests and around forest roads from late May to October, and are sometimes seen perching on bonesets and other flowers. Its front wings are 55–60 mm in length, and around 10 cm when spread. Its color is a transparent, pale indigo.

  • Scientific Name

    Parantica sita niphonica

  • Classification

    Family Nymphalidae

  • Distribution

    All of Japan