Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls

Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls is a pair of waterfalls located upstream of the Nagu River, in western Dōgo Island. Known as the "male" and "female" waterfalls, the "male waterfall" is about 50 m tall and the "female waterfall" is about 40 m tall. The bigger one is also known as "urami-no-taki," meaning you can see it from behind, in a hollow in the cliff.
The surrounding area is made up of rock layers formed by volcanic activity around 5.5 million years ago. The lower part of the waterfall is composed mainly of solidified volcanic ash, while the upper part is composed of trachyte rock. Since volcanic ash is softer and more easily eroded than volcanic rock, the lower part was eroded away over time by wind, rain, and water from the river, leaving the harder rock of the upper part intact. This formed a sort of overhang, where the waterfall can be seen from behind.
Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls have long been believed to hold special water; often called "winning water," it is believed that drinking it can help one win matches. Even today, sumo and ushi-zuki bull sumo carried out on the island include a tradition of drawing water from the falls the day before a tournament.