Oki-maimai-kaburi Ground Beetle

This endemic ground beetle is a subspecies found only in the Oki Islands. Its body is about 3–6 cm in length.
This beetle is a relative of osamushi ground beetles, which have degenerated rear wings that make them unable to fly. They walk around actively on the ground eating snails, worms, and other insects. Unable to travel long distances, the beetle's distribution is separated by mountains and rivers, and there is a great deal of variation from region to region.
The maimai-kaburi ground beetle has a pointed tip on its front wings, but one characteristic of the Oki subspecies is that the tip of its front wings is very short, hardly protruding at all.

  • Scientific Name

    Carabus blaptoides brevicaus

  • Classification

    Family Carabidae

  • Distribution

    Oki Islands