Oki Chrysanthemum

This perennial plant (an herbaceous plant that survives two or more years) grows in sunny coastal areas. In the Oki Islands, it grows well along the coast. This plant was dipped in oil and used medicinally since the Edo period (1603–1868).
In 1987, botanist Dr. Shiro Kitamura announced that it was endemic to the Oki Islands and Mishima Island in nearby Yamaguchi Prefecture. More recent studies have supported a theory that the Oki chrysanthemum may be indistinguishable from the Indian chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum indicum), and as such is often considered an alternate name.
The Oki chrysanthemum's flower head (small flowers densely clustered together to look like a single flower) is small, with a diameter of 1.5–2 cm. The yellow flowers bloom from October to December, decorating the coasts of the Oki Islands.

  • Scientific Name

    Chrysanthemum okiense

  • Classification

    Family Asteraceae

  • Distribution

    Oki Islands (Dōzen and Dōgo), Mishima Island (Yamaguchi Prefecture)

  • Flowering Season