Nikkō-kisuge Daylily

The nikkō-kisuge daylily is a perennial plant (an herbaceous plant that survives two or more years) that grows in clusters in mountainous areas, subalpine grasslands, and less commonly on coastline slopes. In the Oki Islands, it is found only on cliffs in mountainous areas, in places with soil deposits and good water retention. The nikkō-kisuge daylily is distributed in Hokkaido and from central through northern Honshu. Its presence in the Oki Islands is an outlier of its normal range.
From one stalk, 3–8 flowers bloom with rich yellow petals.

  • Scientific Name

    Hemerocallis middendorffii var. esculenta

  • Classification

    Family Asphodelaceae

  • Distribution

    Honshu (north of the Chūbu region), Hokkaido, Southern Kuril Islands, Sakhalin

  • Flowering Season