Hime-higotai Saw-wort

This biennial plant grows from mountains to coastal grasslands. In the Oki Islands, it grows mainly along the coast. Its height is 30–50 cm, and its stem branches at the top. Its leaves are alternate (staggered in position along a stem), oval in shape, and the lower leaves are deeply lobed. The flower is a reddish-purple color, 1.2–1.6 cm in diameter, and several flower heads (small flowers densely clustered together to look like a single flower) bloom together in a group.

  • Scientific Name

    Saussurea pulchella

  • Classification

    Family Asteraceae

  • Distribution

    Hokkaido–Kyushu, Korean Peninsula, Northeast and Central China, Mongolia, Sakhalin, Primorsky Krai (Russia)

  • Flowering Season