Pink Sea Urchin

The pink sea urchin lives on intertidal shores and in coastal waters to a depth of 50 m, hiding under rocks or gravel, and is endemic to the waters surrounding Japan. As its name suggests, the spines of this sea urchin are red in color, and 1.5 cm long—slightly shorter than that of the murasaki-uni sea urchin (Heliocidaris crassispina). The diameter of the pink sea urchin (excluding the spines) is about 6–7 cm. The shell is light pink in color and flat, so this urchin is also sometimes called "flat sea urchin" in Japanese. It is consumed raw or processed (salt cured) in the Oki Islands. Compared to other sea urchins, the pink sea urchin is very delicious as it has a subtle sweetness and less bitterness.

  • Scientific Name

    Pseudocentrotus depressus

  • Classification

    Family Strongylocentrotidae

  • Distribution

    From Mutsu Bay to Kyushu, Jeju Island (South Korea)

  • Season