Tundra Swan

The Oki Islands are known as a stopover for migratory birds, and the tundra swan is one of the many migratory birds that can be observed here. The tundra swan is a huge aquatic bird with a long neck. Around 120 cm in length, the bird is white all over. Its bill is mostly black, with a yellow base. The tundra swan breeds mainly in the tundra regions of Eurasia, and winters in the Japanese archipelago, the Korean Peninsula, and eastern China. They come as winter birds in October and stay until the following April. Lake Shinji (Matsue City and Izumo City) in Shimane Prefecture is the southernmost lake in Japan to where tundra swans flock.

  • Scientific Name

    Cygnus columbianus

  • Classification

    Family Anatidae

  • Migratory Classification

    Winter bird