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Islands Connecting People and the Land ‘Oki Islands Global Geopark’

Encounter the Wonders of the Earth

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Festival: Uya Danjiri-mai Furyu (Okinoshima)
Festival: Yurahime Shrine Festival (Nishinoshima)
Festival: Kinnya-Monya (Ama)
Festival: Dozen Kagura (Chibu)
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Past News

What Exactly is a Geopark?

A geopark is a large-scale park area that teaches us new things about the world we live in.

Geoparks are places that show us the connections between the geology of the land we live in (formed by plate tectonics and volcanic activity), the ecosystems of that land, and the lifestyles and traditions of the people who have lived, and continue to live there. To put it a little differently, they are places that show us how the Earth is put together.

Besides being places where you can discover the connections between geohistory, ecosystems, and lifestyle, geoparks also conduct environmental conservation activities, educational activities, and exciting events for local areas.

The Oki Islands Global Geopark Let’s take a trip to the Oki Islands to learn about the mysteries of the Earth!

Oki islands landscape

The Oki Islands became a Geopark because here you can learn about how the land was formed, how people and nature are connected, the wondrous Oki ecosystem, and the unique local culture. Why not come and search for the keys that will unlock the islands' mysteries?

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Japan Geoparks Network (JGN)

The Japan Geoparks Network promotes national geopark activities. As of March 2013, there are currently 42 areas in Japan, including those that have been officially recognized as Japanese geoparks, which are participants in this network.

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The Global Geoparks Network (GGN)

This organization is a global network of geoparks that functions under the auspices of UNESCO. Geoparks must receive authorization from the network to become members. As of March 2013, there are 90 areas in 27 countries around the world that have been recognized as global geoparks.

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Oki: Treasure Islands Found in the Sea of Japan

A “secret place” in the sea, strewn with many treasures... What are the Oki Islands?

The Oki Islands are made up of four populated islands and more than 180 uninhabited islands situated in the Sea of Japan. By 30,000 years ago, people were already living here, and during the Stone Age the volcanic rock obsidian was excavated and traded around Japan. During the middle ages, the islands were a place of exile for nobles like Emperor Godaigo, and during the early modern period, they were a port of call for merchant ships sailing the Kita-mae-bune (Northern Bound Ships) Trading Route on the Sea of Japan. Ships often had to stay and wait out sea storms. With each era, the Oki Islands have played a significant role.

With such a unique history, a landscape that provides glimpses of how the Sea of Japan formed, and an ecosystem that is full of mysteries, the Oki Islands are invaluable, even from a global perspective.

The Oki Islands Geopark was authorised as a member of the Global Geoparks Network in 2013. 

Scenery from Mt. Takuhi (Nishinoshima Island)

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